surfers, if u really love the sea...

Much is spoken of recyclable or green boards in the surfing world. 
But nothing compares to product developed for the e-board. Everything has been thoroughly studied and developed with professionals in various fields of engineering, especially in the area of product
and development.

 The innovation came from the materials engineer, Daniel Aranha, realizing that taking care of our planet is no longer a trend but a necessity. Surfer since childhood and is responsible for design, sensitive to the massive pollution in factories currently a board, he developed an eco-resin water-based and, in his studio is located in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, the designer creates the e-boards.
The emission of gases released by traditional plates made of polyurethane and polyester is enormous.
All material used on these boards is derived from the extraction of oil, generating an incalculable amount of CO2 released into nature.
The materials used in manufacturing the-board and no longer dependent on oil extraction
or any other raw material of mineral origin. The resin has a characteristic smell, and remaining material is either recycled or organic. Every process of manufacturing and logistics (electricity consumption, spending several transport, waste, etc.) has its CO2 offset program by 'SOCIAL CARBON'   certified CantorCO2e / GPSA, project partners.

Therefore, the e-board is considered the first board in the world to receive a seal carbon free, elected in 2010 by the curators of Alma Surf Festival the most modern surfboard in Brazil.

Lighter and more resistant to-board and the other is different thanks to higher absorption capacity
impacts, and by their distribution occur in the largest area possible. Do not knead or yellow
with the same ease as traditional. The aging process of the material is thicker than the other planks of the market, slowing the wear caused by exposure
the sun, saltwater and other agents.

LIFE-S ocial 
Who buys an e-board, and helping nature, encourages work and social inclusion
children and adults in underserved communities. The project includes the donation of boards for schools of the surf beaches of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and social work as a sewing workshop held in Canterbury, RJ Hill, with the seam of the e-bags, made of canvas PVC and recycled jute.
for more information, check the website http://www.eboards.com.br/
or Facebook (facebook.com/eboards)
surf image•  http://www.surf-shop.org/interesting-bits/88
article• http://www.etno-botanica.com

p.s Even more proud to be Brazilian ;) xxx



Bags is definitely something that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
In this shopping season it has been a huge challenge for me to see all this bags with huge discounts and not 'treat myself' or simply find a 'very good reason' to buy it.

Was stumbling on the internet to find more information for my final paper about sustainable fashion in Brazil and founded these amazing bags by Cavalera made out of cement bags.


A brilliant idea by its designer Ronaldo Fraga, after noticing that cement bags were constantly being exposed to sun and rain and were still good.

Back to me, I still bough a bag haha but is a hand made bag by this small Taiwanese company that re-uses materials and fabrics. Felt 'less guilty' :P

x tchau


small village x big heart

Two weeks ago, we attended a seminar given by Elisabeth Chau-hua Ho, a Textile and Clothing professor at the Fu Jen University (Taiwan) about her ‘one year experience’ in a small province on Shidong Area, China.

Originally from Taiwan, Professor Ho and her friend/colleague decided to swap their normal lives and families for simpler life surrounded by unknown people and a very different culture compared to what they were used to.
These two professors studied the Miao culture in depth, specially their clothing and jewelry, since that is how they characterize themselves.
It was very interesting to see how this small village lived and I imagine what an experience must have been for them.
Even thou the professor had studied ‘Miao’s dialect’, communication was still a difficulty, but overcome by their hospitality and good will of helping.
According to the professor, Women were the ones that ‘controlled the money’- this not only because women apparently had a ‘fortunate fate’, but also because they were the ones who would carry everyday a couple of heavy silver ornaments (and I say ‘fortunate fate’ because apparently, they believed that women would go straight to heaven when dead, but the men needed to work hard in order to ‘get inside heaven’).

Women did not have to leave for work but their ‘house duties’ would keep them pretty busy. They did not only have to do all the house chores, but were also responsible to make all the clothing. Believed to be a humiliation to buy clothes since clothing and their hair style was the way they would demonstrate their identity, women in this village managed to do weaving, embroidery, knitting and dying.
Each one had their special role while manufacturing their clothing, however, techniques such as Embroidery could only be done in Summer, as a result, clothes would probably take 1 to 2 years to be completed.
An interesting fact that the professor mentioned was that women were not allowed to speak to men about clothing. This because, for them clothing symbolized their body, leading to sexual matters.

Girls would get married on average, when they reached their 20’s max, and had to carry as much silver ornaments as possible in order to find a good candidate.  A candidate that even though they wouldn’t admit, it was somehow a ‘far relative’(according to the professor, they would marry people from their families, but not closely related, so that the silver offered by the bridal’s family would stay within the family).
The word Silver in Chinese, sounds like ‘meat’ being almost like a ‘daily necessity’. It was brought from Hunan Province and at the village they would design the ornaments with great detail in order to be peculiar and precious. Just recently they started using gold as well but gold would only symbolizes that they were ‘inside the trend’, since it was a foreigner recourse.

Her work inspired me so much, especially her attitude of giving up everything and just stay in this village with the purpose of coming back to give this village ‘a voice’ for the rest of the world. 

who's voice do you plan to speak for?


getting inspired...

Was stumbling around some old files and founded an alphabet that I designed two years ago while doing a short summer course at Central Saint Martins (London). Thought it would be a good idea of re-using this...
Brought me back memories of London and my mini euro trip that I did right after the course was done.
But what really made me think about was how inspiring that summer was for me...I was full of ideas and projects and then as soon as I got home (Macau), ppufff, GONE!

But this time it will be different. I actually found what it really satisfies me...FINALLY! Even typing this message that has to do with sustainable fashion, gives me joy because is not just about me and my future career anymore, is about people. Its about communicating with others and try to make them see what I see..try to bring people together x

Anyway, is just a simple phrase that I though it would be funny since I used only a pair old stockings (was about to throw them away) and my favorite yellow shoes that may rest in peace (ruined after a big night lol) x

Hope you guys like it x


The Future of Fashion from the GreenShows

Found this video on youtube and wanted to share specially to the girls that LOVE shopping :)
Consumers, specially women, are the most powerful people... If you start to pay attention to what you buy, you will start loving your pieces in such way that you will take good care of is and use it more than once. I personally wash most of my clothes by hand.. :P
Be aware of what type of materials your are using\buying... I'm sure you will feel proud to be 'closer' to nature ;) It might cost more. But will last longer.
If you want people to actually look at your outfit, then be different...stop copying and 'close your eyes' to publicity. Put some love into what you choose to dress...for sure all your love, energy and joy will be reflected and most important, contagious :) xxxx
Remember: if you are actually promoting sustainable fashion, for sure your giving someone a meal, somewhere in the world x
you don't make a difference just for yourself...you're part of the world ;)


sustainable awareness

• While preparing for a final presentation I couldn't stop myself from designing what was on my mind after reading so much about sustainable design ;) hope the world sees it xx •

please share it


More taiwan, more textiles ;)

Oie x

Sorry for not posting for a while, was traveling around the south of Taiwan and it was simply amazing!!

Spent a couple of days in Kenting and another couple of days in Jurassic Park Green Island (just kidding, it's just Green Island).
It was very relaxing, cruising around the island and just appreciating the nature ;)
Here is a couple of shots that I took xxx

Once I arrived back to Taipei, had to quickly start doing all the projects that I need to hand in within this week.
This is what I did yesterday for the Weaving report that I gotta hand in tomorrow:


The pattern I designed is symmetrical, however this is only the ‘starting’ point of the pattern that I developed. From this simple shape (irregular circle), I was able to alternate the repetition to get different results.
As seen in the fabric, I took the liberty of extending some specific points (the end points) in order to make the piece more interesting. Funny thing was that I experimented everything at the very moment :P

Since this is a double weave design, I also wanted to experiment the effect of weaving ‘the opposite’ in order to get the opposite color and design effect.
The fabric is design based simply on two colors, apple green and violet red, specifically to make a contrast and to keep it simple.

Tomorrow will try to post about a seminar that I attended today. Really interesting!! Was about 'Miao People' from South-West China and their traditional clothing... 

Thanks everyone ;) x
Tchau x