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Sorry for all my loyal readers out there for keep checking my blog and always noticing the same old thing.

1. Don't know if I mentioned before but I'm ENGAGED!!!! tam tam taaa daaamm!
2. Finally finished UNIVERSITY with an amazing project that I will talk about it later on (it's an awesome electric bicycle made out of recycled materials)
3.My graduation exhibition was a SUCCESS!
4.My project is at the Design Biannale in Korea thanks to LINES LAB
5.Learning great things at my new job as Design Assistant at LINES LAB doing awesome projects related to fashion and product design

So here are some images in Korea taken by the organizers of 'MIRAGE'.
LINES LAB were invited to be part by curating a exhibition under the team : CITIES COMMUNITY

Mirage is by definition an optical phenomenon and the origin of the word comes from the latin mirare, meaning “to look at, to wonder at”.
Macau is a city of constant change and frantic development, no landscape is the same for too long and as designers we wonder about its future.
Designers in Macau are working to answer to theirs city communities expectations and “wonders”, through Design. As the discipline that foresees the development of multidisciplinary systems and methods by blending processes and creating new networks aiming for innovation, productivity and sustainability.
In this exhibition the group of professionals, institutions and events represented are participating in a new way of dealing with the creative industries, in a local dimension but also designing “NEW MIRAGES” for a new era of Asian creative development.

San Lee + Nuno Soares + MO Design + Cindy Ng + João Ó + Manuel CS + Lines Lab + USJ Design Course (CINTIA LEITE) & +853 Cultural Association/This Is My City

Later on I'll be posting more about my beautiful electric bike made of bamboo and recycled materials.
Also would like to thank everyone that help me giving me heaaaps of support and strength to keep going.
Amore, gracias meu anjo xxx
For more info about Gwangju Design Biennale 

Also If you get interested in checking up my work : Cintia Milk Portfolio

P.s Made a commitment with myself that I will be posting at least 3 times a week! So keep checking!

beijooos Tchhau x