Here I am! Finally starting a BLOG! What made me do this?
Well, I kinda hate facebook so I guess this is a way I can truly do someting while I am bored and still share my stuff with people that really are intested in something besides uploading pictures... lol (I guess I should appologise for half of the world population lol.)

Born in Portugal, raised up in Macau (China) but proudly a Braziliannnn!!
Have been traveling once and then around for the past 2 years and whenever I am back, people epect to hear this awsome stories that I tend to forget :P
So this time, since I don't have a proper diary like I used to when I was 13, I'm gonna share as much as possible my experiences and maybe my work.

Been studing Design and this is finally my last year. Don't ask me what kind of design, because I bet ya I did a bit of everything!
Right now, I am in TAIWANNNN! Doing an exchange program for my second last semester and will be studing Fashion and Textile Design (and of course Mandarin).

Hope you enjoy and please leave any comments as you wish xxxx
Tchau x

p.s. in case you are wondering why this blog it's called milk... That is my name, but in portuguese lol x

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  1. Very interesting!
    I'm a very cool person-man.
    Can i meet you?
    Your brazilian sandal (havaiana) is very brazilian!