Green Celebraties

Since September 2009, Gisele Bundchen she has been named the UN’s Goodwill Ambassador for the Environment Program. Nothing better than creating your own eco-friendly to live up such title:

"When you find something that makes you feel so good, share it. Sejaa is a part of something I'm concerned about, which is my skin and what I put on my skin. I have a voice and I feel I have to share this -- something that has been so beneficial for me in my life and has helped me be a more complete person," said Bundchen, in a statement.

The name of the line is Sejaa which means ‘to be’ in Portuguese.
Expect anti-oxidant rich formulas that include ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, ginseng, jojoba and argan oil. The mud treatment is a combination of natural clays which pull pore-clogging impurities from cells and leave skin with a hydrating touch of glycerin. 

Their products, including packaging and manufacturing, have been well thought out to fully stick to its green values.
- Labels are printed with soy-based VOC-free inks.
- Manufactured using post-consumer waste paper.
- 100% recyclable Forest Stewardship Council certified fibers.
- Manufactured with clean hydroelectric power. Hydroelectricity produces no waste and does not produce carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas.

You’r probably thinkng, of course, shes rich and she can do it, bla bla bla… but at least she is doing something with what she’s got. And you?! I bet there is something you can also do to ‘destroy less’ our beautiful world :)
Just stop for a few minutes and…..think x

Fact Since 2008 the percentage of ‘green products’ has raised 73% ;)
You create your own future xxx

tchauu xxx


one more chapter :)

While seating at the airport, was thinking of my 5 months in Taiwan.. Amazing experience. So grateful to God for giving me this amazing time xxx
Next post I'll be in Macau. Kinda exited, because in a couple of months I'll finally graduate :D A lot of plans in mind, a lot of dreams to live! so lets dooo itttttt!!!!!!

tchauuuu x


what is ur shirt made of?

wanted to share this short video that I found while researching and reading about organic cotton ;)

hope you enjoy and start thinking about these things...

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back in the game!!

Claudia and me x
Hey everyone!!
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
So sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks...but I bet you are also just recovering from the holidays mood ;)

Since I got back form home, I basically can't stay home and 'stay still'.
Today, me and my 2 beautiful 'Italian sisters' were strong enough to fight the cold that is now in Taipei and went to the Floral Expo that opened a couple of months ago.

We were on site walking around on the cold rain seeking for warm spots.
Well, this was the last thing that we saw (we ended up going also to the Fine arts museum) but I was amazed once we got close to this structure.

So here you go some amazing info that made me feel quite proud to look at it!!
I'm talking about the EcoARK (Pavilion of New Fashion) :


Claudia inside the pavilion x
The EcoArk serves as a showcase pavilion for new ways of constructing buildings. With solar panels for energy and open water circulation instead of air condition, it does not consume a lot of energy, which makes it quite different from most buildings in Taiwan.

Since discarted plastic bottles is a major threat to our world since most of it is not recycled and become non-biodegradable garbage, the Taipei International Flora Exposition's Pavilion of New Fashion is the World's first building constructed entirely from garbage. A
130 meters long and 30 meters high structure made from 1.52 million recycled PET bottles (plastic bricks)

The idea of using plastic garbage as building material seems to give the idea that Taiwan could turn into a industry of itself. This structure can dissembled and moved to another place just like a Giant Lego.  

Hope you guys are just as amazed as I was and share with your friends that things like this are possible to be build ;) 

beijos xxx