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I’m Brazilian but raised up in Macau, China and every 2 to 3 years I go back ‘home’ to visit my whole family that lives there.

Always founded strange and ridiculous that clothes in Brazil and South America were so expensive. Every time that I go there, people can see that I am definitely not a local (I get to be a 'gringo' in my own country lol) just by the way I dress- and trust me, it is not because I have expensive and fancy clothes…

In general manufactured and imported goods are more expensive in Brazil than in the US/Europe ans specially Asia, because of the high burden imposed by taxes…

Hand labor-intensive goods or services are cheaper compares to the US or Europe, due to the very low average salaries. People that come from the outside might find things cheaper and feel in Heaven.
Sophisticated goods and services are also founded in Brazil but at a price that the average population would never afford.
The local population simply works very hard to have a meal by the end of the day.
In São Paulo for example (most expensive city of Brazil), local people makes R$500-R$1500 (with a degree sometimes) per month (212 to 600 Euros)...

You can see clearly the difference between social classes…Mid-upper classes get to a point of having a nanny and a driver, simply because people do need to work, and work for very low salaries.
I see that for example the south of Brazil, people do try to follow the latest fashion trends, but it’s just impossible to purchase it.
Consequently people tend to dress practical, cheap, leading to low quality garments and wasting their precious hard working money.
Not saying that ‘being in fashion’ or ‘have a style’ has to be a priority in life... no! But people need to get dressed, after a certain period of time they need to buy another pair of pants or a shirt for an especial event or go to work…

It seems also like an irony. Everyone knows that Brazil is known for the beautiful people, specially the women. Women do worry about their appearance, especially about their body and consequently do want to put on a beautiful dress or buy a new top to show off their hard work at the gym :P
I want to one day change that…yeah it is a big dream, but not impossible!
People can dress nicely, on an affordable price. Not saying that dressing nice has to be a priority, no… but it helps your self-steam, doesn’t it?
I will somehow make people realize that from one piece of cloth (cheap), they can show their personality and there is no need to pay a huge amount of money!
…How am I going to do that?! You will see.. but keep in mind that a sustainable design approach is always  aware about the social, economical and ecological benefits for the environment (including the people).

Even thou things are not the greatest in such beautiful country, I am so proud of being an Brazilian… because you can see that everything they do, they find the most ingenuous fun of it and by the end of the day thank God for having such job :)

Please post any comments or thoughts about this xxxxx

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