More taiwan, more textiles ;)

Oie x

Sorry for not posting for a while, was traveling around the south of Taiwan and it was simply amazing!!

Spent a couple of days in Kenting and another couple of days in Jurassic Park Green Island (just kidding, it's just Green Island).
It was very relaxing, cruising around the island and just appreciating the nature ;)
Here is a couple of shots that I took xxx

Once I arrived back to Taipei, had to quickly start doing all the projects that I need to hand in within this week.
This is what I did yesterday for the Weaving report that I gotta hand in tomorrow:


The pattern I designed is symmetrical, however this is only the ‘starting’ point of the pattern that I developed. From this simple shape (irregular circle), I was able to alternate the repetition to get different results.
As seen in the fabric, I took the liberty of extending some specific points (the end points) in order to make the piece more interesting. Funny thing was that I experimented everything at the very moment :P

Since this is a double weave design, I also wanted to experiment the effect of weaving ‘the opposite’ in order to get the opposite color and design effect.
The fabric is design based simply on two colors, apple green and violet red, specifically to make a contrast and to keep it simple.

Tomorrow will try to post about a seminar that I attended today. Really interesting!! Was about 'Miao People' from South-West China and their traditional clothing... 

Thanks everyone ;) x
Tchau x



  1. Very interesting dear cintia.
    Continue your adventure! U go girl!

  2. Awesome! I'm loving the weaving :D Gives a very warm, homey feeling :) AND!? when i get there :) you can show me your projects :D Love ya*** UR PINKY