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Sorry everyone!!
Having been posting anything lately for innumerous reasons, and trust me, this time got a pretty good one!! Anyways, university has started and is my final semester!! Can’t believe I’m going to be graduating soon!! Yohoooo!

This semester we have to develop a design project concerning our commuting life.
We have to not only research about urban commuters but also make one! The project is to design a vehicle that would satisfy the lucky ones here in Macau (China) in 2023, 12 years from now.

Challenging I know, specially because I do nothing concerning automobiles and so on… To be honest, I reaaaaally don’t like anything to do with that. I have my 17-year-old manual car and I never had to change a tire by myself.. I would know how to, but if there is someone willing to help, GREAT! Hehe

So I am striving to find motivation to even start this marvelous project and the only thing that starts my enthusiasm is the idea of developing something to help Macau’s traffic jam and the community.
Develop something that the citizens can be proud by helping the environment and themselves.

Here is a design concept that I found really interesting:

Designed by Jinsik Kim and Boseung Seo, the Re:energy is a concept bicycle that helps you reduce your carbon footprint and generate some power for your handheld devices and notebook computers. The idea behind the Re:energy is simple – you ride the bike and its wheels convert kinetic energy into usable electricity.

 The energy generated by the bike’s wheels is stored in an onboard battery, which can later be used to power your cellphone, MP3 player, GPS unit or even your laptop.

So yeah, I'll probably be posting stuff about this since I have to do a lot of research!!

Please, if you do have any material or information about urban mobility, feel free to post a comment or something ;)

Take care,
beijos xxx

| images from:http://www.yankodesign.com |

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  1. Greetings my fellow cintia!!!

    Thanks for posting this information! It's quite cool!
    This should be labeled - re-use your energy!

    From someone far far away DOT DOT DOT