The Future of Fashion from the GreenShows

Found this video on youtube and wanted to share specially to the girls that LOVE shopping :)
Consumers, specially women, are the most powerful people... If you start to pay attention to what you buy, you will start loving your pieces in such way that you will take good care of is and use it more than once. I personally wash most of my clothes by hand.. :P
Be aware of what type of materials your are using\buying... I'm sure you will feel proud to be 'closer' to nature ;) It might cost more. But will last longer.
If you want people to actually look at your outfit, then be different...stop copying and 'close your eyes' to publicity. Put some love into what you choose to dress...for sure all your love, energy and joy will be reflected and most important, contagious :) xxxx
Remember: if you are actually promoting sustainable fashion, for sure your giving someone a meal, somewhere in the world x
you don't make a difference just for yourself...you're part of the world ;)

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