getting inspired...

Was stumbling around some old files and founded an alphabet that I designed two years ago while doing a short summer course at Central Saint Martins (London). Thought it would be a good idea of re-using this...
Brought me back memories of London and my mini euro trip that I did right after the course was done.
But what really made me think about was how inspiring that summer was for me...I was full of ideas and projects and then as soon as I got home (Macau), ppufff, GONE!

But this time it will be different. I actually found what it really satisfies me...FINALLY! Even typing this message that has to do with sustainable fashion, gives me joy because is not just about me and my future career anymore, is about people. Its about communicating with others and try to make them see what I see..try to bring people together x

Anyway, is just a simple phrase that I though it would be funny since I used only a pair old stockings (was about to throw them away) and my favorite yellow shoes that may rest in peace (ruined after a big night lol) x

Hope you guys like it x


  1. Epah....mas está mesmo mesmo fixe!!! Qual é o problema?

  2. hehehehe awesome! :) Keep up with the good ideas and keep sharing! I have good news for you missy :) xxx Pinky