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Much is spoken of recyclable or green boards in the surfing world. 
But nothing compares to product developed for the e-board. Everything has been thoroughly studied and developed with professionals in various fields of engineering, especially in the area of product
and development.

 The innovation came from the materials engineer, Daniel Aranha, realizing that taking care of our planet is no longer a trend but a necessity. Surfer since childhood and is responsible for design, sensitive to the massive pollution in factories currently a board, he developed an eco-resin water-based and, in his studio is located in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, the designer creates the e-boards.
The emission of gases released by traditional plates made of polyurethane and polyester is enormous.
All material used on these boards is derived from the extraction of oil, generating an incalculable amount of CO2 released into nature.
The materials used in manufacturing the-board and no longer dependent on oil extraction
or any other raw material of mineral origin. The resin has a characteristic smell, and remaining material is either recycled or organic. Every process of manufacturing and logistics (electricity consumption, spending several transport, waste, etc.) has its CO2 offset program by 'SOCIAL CARBON'   certified CantorCO2e / GPSA, project partners.

Therefore, the e-board is considered the first board in the world to receive a seal carbon free, elected in 2010 by the curators of Alma Surf Festival the most modern surfboard in Brazil.

Lighter and more resistant to-board and the other is different thanks to higher absorption capacity
impacts, and by their distribution occur in the largest area possible. Do not knead or yellow
with the same ease as traditional. The aging process of the material is thicker than the other planks of the market, slowing the wear caused by exposure
the sun, saltwater and other agents.

LIFE-S ocial 
Who buys an e-board, and helping nature, encourages work and social inclusion
children and adults in underserved communities. The project includes the donation of boards for schools of the surf beaches of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and social work as a sewing workshop held in Canterbury, RJ Hill, with the seam of the e-bags, made of canvas PVC and recycled jute.
for more information, check the website http://www.eboards.com.br/
or Facebook (facebook.com/eboards)
surf image•  http://www.surf-shop.org/interesting-bits/88
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p.s Even more proud to be Brazilian ;) xxx

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